Adorn Your Look with the Art of Hand Block Printing Saree

Hand Block Printing Process

In this modish time, women always look more beautiful in Saree. The sarees has achieved incredible place amongst Indian traditional wear and maintained its elegance. Indian Saree is always the best costume for most women in India. In fact, even under the unique conditions of India, the relationship between the union, the woman"s society, and the current regular dress is also a saree. Most of the women love to wear a saree on many occasions. There are much variety of Sarees available in the market. One of them is Hand Block Print Saree, basically from Rajasthan.

Learn more about the world famous Rajasthan handprint

As Rajasthan is well known for its tradition and culture, it is blessed with a number of communities who perform some arts and craft activities for centuries. One of the famous community is the Chhipa community in Rajasthan. Members of this community are engaged in block printing for generations. These artists are so much skilled in their work that even modern woven textiles can not hinder their success. Although it had a negative impact on the demand for traditional hand-printed textiles, craftsmen soon changed the pace of the design. Encouraged by the success of their hard work, artisans began to use blocks print on western attire like skirts, shirts, tops etc. It helps to maintain this old hand-crafted technology.

Let"s see what exactly Hand Block Print is ?

Hand Block printing is the process of printing block patterns on textiles usually on flax, cotton or silk materials by engraving wood. The art of Hand Block printing is a form of Indian art, which uses hand-carved teak wood, soaked in the dye and hand printed on cotton or silk. The design of the block is usually the traditional Indian theme.

This is the earliest, easiest and slowest way to print textiles. Basically, block printing is a slow process. However, it can produce a high degree of artistic effect, some of which can"t be obtained by any other method.

In India, there are more than one centers from where we can collect Hand Block Printing material, but few centers of them are very famous like Gujrat, Rajsthan, Farukhabad, Uttar Pradesh and last but not the least West Bengal.

Sanganer Hand block Printing, Bagru Hand block Printing are the most common type of hand block print :

Know about Sanganer Hand block Printing process

Sanganer is a village located in the suburb of Jaipur, Rajasthan and has been printed for 500 years. With the constant war between Marathas and Mughal, a large number of hand block artist moved from Gujarat to Rajasthan. For this type of block printing, water plays a vital role as black shades always come out best after washing the clothes in waters of Sanganer. Sanganeri print is having very attractive and decorative concept in floral based patter which makes the attire very trendy.

Exquisite lines and tangled details are one of the best Sanganeri-style features. Exquisite lines and tangled details are one of the best Sanganeri-style features. The dyes used for fabric printing are the main natural pigments (colors from vegetables and plants) so that these finished cloths give a very pleasant smell. Sanganeri prints are having a distinctive design that is very sober, ethnic and delicate lines that create lotus, poppy and rose designs.

Know about Bagru Hand block Printing process

Bagru block printing is one of the India"s oldest technologies, originated in Rajasthan. It reflects the beauty of handmade Indian textiles that blend with contemporary style. Bagru prints from a small village near Jaipur called Bagru, which is a century-old handmade textile center.

An Introduction to the fashionable Bagru Print :

India has always considered being an innovator in ancient culture and craftsmanship. The credibility comes from many communities and regions in India. One of them is Bagru prints, which are hand block printed with traditional vegetable dyes. For example, indigo is used to make blue, green by indigo mixed pomegranate, turmeric made of yellow and red from adder roots. Bagru is another city 25 kilometers from Jaipur, Chippa is a tribe from Sawai Madhopur and Sikar (Rajasthan region), settled 300 years ago. The tribe began the block printing, since then, several generations have entered the painting of this piece of textiles. Bagru prints are known for their bold and vibrant designs and colors. The process of making Bagru print is eco-friendly. The bright colors of blue tones, red and yellow are the main features of Bagru prints.

Process and complex design of Bagru Print

Handmade craftsmanship, Bagru printing is used to produce some of the most amazing kurtis, bedspreads, ghagras and other materials. The beauty of this art is to put down a different block. Mainly Bagru Printing usually use five patterns like, Tendrils, Flowers & Birds, geometric patterns, grids or Jaal Designs and human or animal characters. Bagru printing is mainly done on a novel dyed background, such as indigo, and the prints have a slight red tint on them. Often, the Bargu pattern is large and bold, and the vast majority of prints are made with relatively small blocks on a very small table known as "Paatiya".

Bagru Printed Clothes can be used on the daily basis such as :

  • 1) Clothing : Bagru block print skirt, kurtis, jacket, pants, scarf, saree must be in the closet. Girls like to wear these dress with kolhapuri chappals and silver jewelry for that traditional and contemporary look.
  • 2) Furniture : In order to bring a refreshing look to the home interior, Bagru print sheets, cushion sets are used in large quantities. They also make the room look brighter and more colorful.

Let"s see Bagru Printed Dress Material Maintenance

Fabrics are eco-friendly, but it is important to keep a special care to use the product for a long time. Therefore, the first thing to note is that these must be washed with cold water, separated from other fabrics. Second, do not dry under direct sunlight to prevent color fading.

There are more than one techniques of Hand Block printing, few of them are:

  • 1) The very first technique is Discharge Printing : In this process, the fabric should be dyed before printing. The dyes are removed from the fabric by the use of chemical manufacturing.
  • 2) Secondly direct block printing : The fabric used here is cotton or silk. First bleach the cloth and then stain it with the desired color. After that, block printing is done with the help of wooden blocks on borders.
  • 3) Last but not the least, Resist Printing : In this technique, the portion of the cloth that is not dyed is covered with a paste of resin and clay. The fabric is then dyed in the desired color at which the dye penetrates the cracks and produces a color wave effect on the fabric. After that, printing on fabric starts.

Let"s check some facts and comparisons of Hand Block Printing :

  • Hand block printing costs five times less than Phulkari, which is five times higher than its price.
  • Rajasthan is the location where hand block printed clothes and other stuff are prepared.
  • Almost in the fashion and interior design-related industries are used hand block printing technology.
  • The use of natural color makes the product eco-friendly which is highly demanded in the market more than 40%.
  • It is very difficult to find out whether the fabric is normally printed or printed in block print.

Hand Block Printing fabrics enhance the delicate beauty of girls. Check out some best collection in Jaipur or at the online store.

The beautiful Indian girl is always appreciated by the world for its intricate beauty. Their awesome look, exquisite skin tone and soft delicate skin make them look like a beautiful diva. Hand Block Print attire with eco-friendly colors make them look more beautiful and can be used for daily wear. You can get the product of block printing by the best manufacturer or at the online store. Explore Aarav Fabricator, if you"re in search for some of the most cherished products for clothing or for home decor products. You can also log on to to view all latest patterns and outstanding offers. The exquisite block printing fabric makes this organization more famous and popular. Printed fabric is one of the traditional cultures of Indian national culture. Its form is also unique. Its simplicity is now very popular. It has a unique look.

Now, with this growth scenario, the role of E-Commerce sites are increasing. Let"s check the role of E-Commerce

The arrival of e-commerce further makes the purchase of ethnic Indian women attire and home decor online without any trouble. So, do not need to cross the narrow streets, bargain with the owner, forever. They can turn on laptops through the online market and choose the patterns and colors they are interested in. Once they have chosen their favorite clothes, they only need to click the mouse to place an order. In addition, many of these sites offer huge discounts, frequent offers and a variety of programs that further encourage buyers to exercise choices without any restrictions. In order to ensure 100% satisfaction, the online market also provides a refund guarantee to make buyers if they are not completely satisfied and ask their money to return to the clothes.

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