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India is a fond of lots of festivals and Indian people loves to celebrate all festivals in a very joyful moment. Indian families also love to enjoy their family gatherings. Indian family and people always get the reason to arrange the parties and social gathering where they can share a lot of affection and create some special moments. And the gathering becomes more remarkable when beautiful ladies come in well dressed.To make look good, nowadays fashion world is having a lot of dresses which can adorn the beauty of ladies in a very attractive way, one of them is Ladies plazo.

Let‘s know what is Plazo Pants?

Plazzo pants are generally long loose trousers with a cut and a wide leg which dazzle from waist. These are very popular in the summer season, because they are loose, tend to be very elegant in the light, flowing fabrics in the hot weather. A thin fabric with a wrinkled surface of Silk, a soft, fine knitted fabric like jersey and other natural fiber fabrics are the popular fabrics which are used to design this beautiful attire. In the winter, Palazzo pants are less frequent, but can also be found in wool or heavy synthetic fibers.

Dabu Printed Palazzo

Dabu, one of India‘s ancient and beauty techniques of printing. In addition to many other traditional techniques, the Dabu printing of India is almost disappeared before the era of independence. With the interest of national textile in the twenty-first century, the interest in this craft has been restored.

Learn how Dabu‘s traditional printing takes place

The method begins with washing the fabric received from the mill to remove impurities from the fabric. After that the mud resist is used to make the print so unique and then the paste is used to dry with sprinkled sawdust. After doing all this process, the fabric is used to get dried in the sunlight so that it can completely dry out and then dipped into a dye, then dried again and to remove extra dyes, washes again. The dyes are typically made from the natural vegetable dye.

Rayon Palazzo

Rayon is a breathable, silky, delicate fiber fabrics. It can be woven or mixed with other fibers. Rayon is dressed well, but it should be lifted out of the dryer to extend the life or the creation of rayon. Rayon fabric is basically made up of purified cellulose, mainly from wood pulp which is then chemically converted into a soluble compound. Basically, rayon fabric is made up of natural polymers, considered as a semi-synthetic fiber. The specific types of rayon include viscose, modal and solvolytic enzymes, and their manufacturing processes and finished properties vary.

Indigo print palazzo

Indigo dyes are organic compounds with unique blue (appears as indigo). Historically, indigo is a natural dye extracted from the leaves of some plants, and this process is economically important because these dyes occur very rarely. Today produced a large number of indigo dyes - thousands of tons per year - are synthetic. Indigo is often associated with blue jeans.Indigo spot is a change in Indian print design. Its hand-made dots, whose USP is located near the shadow image of the print. For women who like to wear simple and elegant clothes, this is an ideal choice. This kind of fabric is most suitable for use in social gatherings such as anniversary party, baby baptism, birthday party and more.

Bagru print palazzo

Bagru printing is one of the India‘s oldest technologies, originated in Rajasthan. It reflects the beauty of handmade Indian textiles that blend with contemporary style. Bagru is known for its natural dyes and handprints. Generally, Bagru prints are done on white, ivory white or coffee-colored backgrounds. Mostly, Bagru printing uses black, red and maroon colors. The three main colors are extracted from natural sources: black is soaked from worn iron or camel shoes in the water, red comes from chewing gum paste and phitkari, maroon is the result of mixing the above two colors. Beyond this, natural plant dyes are used to add colorful patterns and designs. These include indigo, pomegranate, turmeric and so on.

Wearing a palazzo pant once can give you many reasons to wear them more than once, few of them are :

  • Palazzo pants are very trendy and lightweight.
  • You can wear these type of pants with kurtis, tops and some accessories which will give you an attractive look.
  • The comfortable nice fabric will let you feel very comfortable.

Ladies palazzo have different prints and patterns. Always try to choose the right combination for your correct print and color. Try to select the pure loose top to get the full look. You can find Palazzo at the normal shops, or multiplex mall or you can go for online shopping. But the quality you crave for will find at Aarav Fabricator. We deal in all types of fabrics and trendy unique designs.

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