Fancy stoles : Fancy hand block ptint stole

India has always observed a radical change in the taste of Indian women dressed and modernized. It seems from the past times that wearing of a tradition saree or any ethnic wear seems to be lost somewhere among the highly updated western trend. On the other hand, the traditional Indian women‘s clothing is recovering its strength and it‘s deep-rooted on the bottom of their heart. Not only that, the Indian women are also recognized as simple, sober and elegant, with this elegant touch of beauty. At present, the wide range of Indian clothing is available on the floor, such as sarees, kurtis, salwar kameez, tops and tunics, shawls, stoles and so on. Not just the tradition, but the beauty of these clothes attracts a lot of foreigners, eager to try our diverse and traditional rich clothing. One of them is Fancy stoles, which suits with all type of dress.

Know some facts about fancy stoles

Stoles or Shawls are very much in demand among Indian women. They are worn by women of all ages, and there are many different patterns available in the market. With the popularity of Indian clothing, these ethnic and fancy stoles have been getting popular to many other parts of the world. Non-resident Indians living in other countries are very fond of national costumes, often on online sites. Basically, it is designed to keep the body warm, these stoles have become one of the best fashion accessories. Modern ladies like to bring their shawls in a fashionable way and look more attractive. You can also find celebrities to show off their designer shawls, mainly for jazz costumes. It is basically a very versatile clothing and can be used in a variety of ways

Hand Block print Cotton Stole

Hand block printing is a century of Indian art form, which uses hand-carved teak wood, soaked in the dye and hand printed on cotton or silk. The design of the block is usually the traditional Indian theme. The subject was traced by a major craftsman to a block, and then they drove away to create a stamp. The very first process of printing begins with the pre-washing of fabric in the river to reduce water consumption. After that, the fabric is dyed on the table and firmly fixed to the table with a needle. Use four to five basic natural colors, and then mix together to form a variety of colors. The block is then immersed in the dye and firmly pressed against the fabric by hand. Finally, the fabric rinses in the river, dries in the sun, minimizes energy consumption.

Indigo print Stole

In today‘s fashion world, Indigo is the new color giving the attire very attractive look and loved by all aged women. Due to its bright and attractive color, no doubt that it makes a different place among this fashionable world.

Hand Block print Chanderi Stole

Chanderi products are usually known for their zaripatti work. In this dress, the design is fully designed by using butis and patterns on the whole body of Stoles.

Chanderi fabric has a very light texture, give you a sense of very comfortable luxurious feeling. Their beauty lies in their perfect combination of women‘s comfort and style. Chanderi‘s exquisite luxury is the result of a long and complex weaving process, often decorated with striking metal and color patterns. Their succinct and elegant look is best suited for elegant pearl jewelry or simple silver earrings and pendants.

Importance of Fancy Stoles

From the ancient times to the present, stoles and cheap shawls have always been in trend in India. This type of elegant and stylish attire are used as protective equipment to prevent cold. The shawl is a dress that may be worn on the shoulders, upper body, and arm, and sometimes worn on the head. Now the cheap shawls are also in trend applies to indoor and outdoor fashion, even it also suits to men‘s attire. It also used to protect the body from cold temperature and suitable for women wearing clothes where the coat may not be appropriate. The Kashmere stoles we share with us is a model of our popular costume decoration. The shawl has a unique series of colors, while Kashmere stole is a stylish wear and sweater replacement. These are always very comfortable and soft, warm and royal.

These are well known through the help of various accompaniment, such as hand block print, jewelry, chanderi work and some complex embroidery. The fancy shawl is designed to provide a serious corporate structure for the cheap shawl industry in India and to attract local and international buyers of Indian designer clothing. Designers combine traditional design with modern style to exceed customer expectations. You can try the hottest & Fancy Stoles at Aarav Fabricators, India‘s leading manufacturing industries whose aim is to provide the best quality to their customers.

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